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Looking for Jiggle Balls? Look no further!

If you loved Fifty Shades of Grey and want to try out those legendary silver balls, why not try some jiggle balls for yourself.

simply insert the balls into your vagina and go for a walk or just go about your normal business with theses discrete toys bring you sensational stimulation. Each of the love balls contains a weight that rhythmically moves around as you do, stimulating your G-spot.

Not only that, you get to tone your pelvic floor muscles and improve your sex life. They are known to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, delivering more intense orgasm.

Jiggle balls, sometimes called Ben Wa love balls or even mis-spelled giggle balls are light in weight, just 28grammes each and are great for anyone new to the world of muscle strengthening through the use of Ben Wa Balls. They can come in a variety of different colours and surface textures and you can experiment from as little as 8 or pay more for other varieties of oriental,

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